This morning I saw this post “7 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Over 50 Should Own”. You can see the article here. Last night while channel flipping (yes, I was really flipping), I came across healthy fashion shoes on QVC. Finally, the fashion industry is crossing healthy and good looking. Look for a nice arch support and heel cup to help align your feet like the Aetrex brand.

In my former career, as a neuromuscular & musculoskeletal pain therapist, I saw many older clients that had trouble with their feet. It is important to have healthy feet. They have to carry you through your entire life.

I had a brilliant neuormuscular therapist teacher who taught me that the feet are like the tires of a car. They can wear out and show areas of high usage and weight (calluses) that are due to the posture and bio-mechanics of the rest of the body just like a car tires. If you balance out car tires you’ll get a smoother ride. If you support the feet properly, the rest of your body will move and feel more comfortable. Avoid wearing sloppy worn out shoes, believe it or not they can contribute to pain all over your body including your head and neck. If your balance is bad, avoid wearing mules, slippers or flip flops. One wrong move and you may land on the floor from a nasty fall. Wear good shoes, and now we can wear supportive good looking shoes!!

Feet alignment

Feet alignment

Live your most comfortable life.

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