Taking Care Of Mom and Dad

“My name is Steve R. , attorney at law and I recently interfaced with Angella in regard to a reverse mortgage product for my parents. She was very thorough and responsive to all inquiries. She took the time to personally drive to my parents’ home to meet with them and explain the process. I was particularly impressed with her presentation of numerous products in an “apples to apples” format so we could evaluate which product was best for my parents’ particular needs, goals and value judgments. Angella was extremely professional and helpful. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in reverse mortgage products.” Thanks for all your help–you really did a great job! Best, Steve


To Whom it may Concern:

After a long and successful working career, I decided to retire from my profession as a Professor and CPA.

Part of my retirement strategy involved the use of Reverse Mortgage on my personal residence. Although I made good investments over my working years, I knew I could tap into (tax free) a substantial portion of the appreciated value of my personal residence.

By use of a Reverse Mortgage I had available, for my personal use, a substantial sum of money without the related requirement of monthly mortgage payments.

Prior to working with Angella Conrard, I contacted several individuals in connection with obtaining a Reverse Mortgage. Most of those I contacted did not know the answers to basic questions related to the Reverse mortgage requirements while others only seemed interested in quoting me enormous fees that involved tens of thousands of dollars.

Finally, I found Angella Conrard. That was a stroke of luck for me! Angella was and is a true professional. She provided me with choice of various lenders that offered Reverse Mortgages and was always available to answer questions that come up during the process of my obtaining a Revise Mortgage.

I heartily recommend Angella. There is no question that I will recommend her to my clients.


Professor D


She was Completely Honest about both the Positive and Negative Factors.

My sister and I were researching reverse mortgages for our mother on the Internet and found Angella Conrad’s website. We appreciated the wealth of information she presented and made an appointment to meet with her. When Angella arrived at our mother’s house and we began talking with her, we were so impressed by her warmth and concern for us. She listened attentively and commented compassionately as we explained that we had to renovate our mother’s home to accommodate her wheelchair when she left the medical rehabilitation facility she had occupied after falling and breaking her ankle. When Angella discussed the details of reverse mortgages with us, she was completely honest about both the positive and negative factors. Although we decided not to apply for a reverse mortgage at the time, Angella remained personally interested in our situation and continued to call us or send us information that she thought might be helpful. Angella truly understands the difficulties adults face as they must make decisions to maintain the quality of life for their aging parents, and is willing to do everything she can to lessen the burden.


Pamela C.

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