Should I Get a Reverse Mortgage, Downsize or Sell My Home?

Should I Get a Reverse Mortgage, Downsize or Sell My Home? If you are trying to decide between attaining a reverse mortgage, downsizing to a less expensive home or selling your home but are unsure of which direction to go, I recently discovered a publication by The Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College.…


Housing Counseling is Savings Homes and Educating Homeowners

Housing counseling has risen over the last few years, and according to a recent study for NeighborWorks America by the Urban Institute it’s working. Homeowners have saved tens of millions of dollars by becoming more educated about their obligations to their lenders, their lenders obligations to them and the mechanics of their current loans or…


Affordable Senior Housing Option MEDCottage Makes Its Grand Debut, First Unit Placed

One of the latest innovations in affordable senior housing made its grand debut on Tuesday, May 22 when the first MEDCottage unit was placed in a Virginia family’s backyard. “Today, as 78 million baby boomers prepare for their senior years—potentially straining nursing homes and government-funded healthcare programs—we’ve taken a significant step forward in redefining the role…


10 Most Affordable Cities for Retirement

The AARP has published the 10 Most Affordable Cities for Retirement.

The 10 most affordable places are located in the following states. Click a state name to see which city made the cut, and why.

From AARP: