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When I talk to clients they often share with me that they feel overwhelmed with the accumulation of their “stuff”.  If you have been living in your home for 10, 20 or even 60 years, you might have quite a bit of “stuff” accumulated.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Not everyone has the resources to outsource help in getting rid of their accumulated riches.

Use these helpful tips and resources to get organized.

  1. Set small goals: Every week set a goal to go through a drawer or closet vs. saying to yourself “This weekend I am going to clear out the garage.” It is easy to overwhelm yourself. Set goals that feel good.
  2. Get in contact with one or two charities. Am Vets has my contact information logged in their data base. When I call, they have my address and I can set up a pick up date from their automatic system.
  3. Have an area in the house or garage called the “Charity Pile”. Anytime you view or pick something up you would like to give to charity, put it in the pile. When you have enough stuff for pickup, call your charity. They will come out every month if you request them to.
  4. When you are cleaning a drawer or area of the house, ask yourself these questions:
    1. Do I use it?
    2. Do I need it?
    3. Does it bring joy to my life?
    4. Is it damaged, broken or inoperable? If so, am I willing to repair it right now?
    5. If I lost it in a fire would I replace it exactly as it is?
    6. Does it reflect who I am in my life now?
    7. If I had to move three times next year, would I pack it and pay to move it that often?

I think you will find these questions “freeing” in the process of clearing the clutter from your life.

My friend Jo Lodato of the Joy of Organizing also gave me the “FAT” program that is immensely helpful.

Whenever you pick up a piece of paper “FAT” it:

  1. F: File it
  2. A: (take) Action on it
  3. T: Toss it

If you have things of value that you are hesitant in parting with, consider using a consignment shop or contacting someone who will consign your things on EBay. Be aware that you will probably only receive 40% of what it is sold for. However, 40% of something that you wouldn’t use need or want can be worth your additional feeling of lightness. I wish you well.

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