Reverse Mortgage Success Stories

Angella popped up on Google, so I called her for information on this subject of Reverse Mortgages of which I knew nothing about. From the first phone call to my first Reverse Mortgage check the journey with her has been earnest and truthful. There were no pushy sales talks and especially no angst about my somewhat dumb questions. She is sincere and professional and actually I’m going to miss our conversations.  S.W Las Vegas, NM

Audrey watched as her savings nest egg decreased and her living expenses continued to increase. She found part time work but found she was often anxious about money. She briefly looked at a reverse mortgage a couple of years ago but wasn’t ready to look at the details. When her financial advisor made the recommendation, she took a closer look and found the program to be different than what she thought. After getting her reverse mortgage Audrey said she wanted to celebrate. She now has money to travel to see her children, do her charity work, and go to the theater. Audrey feels comfortable knowing  she won’t be a burden on her children.  A. B. Laguna Woods CA

Patty lost her best friend and husband just three years ago. Her husband used to write most of the checks and they lived modestly. After her husband died she said she woke up one day and realized she was running out of money. Her daughter recommended she look into a reverse mortgage. Patty went to her local bank who referred her to us. With Patty’s reverse mortgage, she was able to create a monthly income payment for the rest of her life and still have money to pay for the dental work she needed as well as replace her aged car. Patty says she can “breathe again!”.  P. L. Laguna Woods, CA

David was in a bad situation, his wife was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their Social Security checks didn’t meet their basic expenses much less covering Mrs. McCarthy’s growing medical expenses. They found themselves getting further and further behind. David contacted one originator who “dropped the ball”. He then found Angella Conrard. “She was marvelous! Angella walked us through every step of the way. Now we can pay the bills, get caught up and I can take my wife on the trip we’ve  wanted to take.” D. M. Tustin, CA

Iva was starting to have serious worries living alone. She is 94 and in good health but knew it was best if she had some help. She asked her nephew Al for advice. Al’s estate planning and elder law attorney recommend Angella Conrard and her team. Iva’s reverse mortgage is providing the funds for Iva to have the care she needs and stay in her home for the rest of her life. Iva feels relieved and cared for. She can stay in her home and feel safe. I.B. Corona, CA 


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